• Project: Prelander Page
  • Type: Responsive Landing Page
  • Role: Manage, Mockup, HTML, CSS, JavaScript

One of the companies most successful landing pages didn't have an idea responsive version for smartphones. it is a landing page with an array of questions that you answer before you get to a registration page. It tested well because we believed that the non personal questions allowed just enough breadcrumbs for the user to get comfortable enough to at the end fill out a full registration form. The problem this project resolved was a copy rich mobile version that pushed the CTA below the fold.

I decided to take the existing idea and reduce the content and add some UI modifications. With some UI tweaks I created a new mockup that got the thumbs up. The design and implementation followed mobile first philosophy.

I coded up the page to show a working proof of concept and with minimal modifications after that I was able to get the page live in 2 days. The current link is to the page I coded out. Again the content is NSFW. If you have some question about it please feel free to contact me. I will try and port the pages over to user space that make it safe for work.

NOTE: Replaced the hero model image with a stock image I found that is leff suggestive. Watermark is present.