Create a mobile Point of Sale (PoS) application that will allow users to place orders via their mobile phone. These orders would go into the businesses existing PoS system and queue up just like any order. One application will work with multiple businesses. Other features and options are to be added is phase 2.

My Role

  • UX Research: Interviewed potential users, researched competition, generated wireframes
  • Information Architect: Create the navigation and plan the structure of the application
  • UI & Visual Design: Brand creation (logo and styleguide), prototype creation
  • Project Management: Created project in Asana. Although I was the stakeholder of the project this allowed me to organize the flow of the project and my thoughts

My Process


So the problem this product is looking to solve is to expedite order and payment process for customers and businesses in the food services industry. Businesses would be able to save time/money by not having staff waiting on tables as well as they will be able to reduce the number of employees on a given shift because of this.

As for the customers, currently they have to wait for a server to come to their table or wait in line to place and order. They would then receive a number, locate a table and wait. Now if they want to add another item to their order or place a new order the process begins again. It is imperative to keep the existing client base happy. A happy customer will be a returning customer.


This application is more targeted towards smaller businesses that are looking to keep costs down and service their customers efficiently. For businesses this application would not be much different than current PoS systems they currently use. Once the order is placed into the system it goes right into the queue. The customer can view, selected, customize and order the food as long at the order is to go or tied to a table (have to know where to bring the order of course.


This is a mobile only application. I took my notes from user interviews as well as reviewing any existing competitors and moved into user flow. I used Visio to create the user flow and start creating the architecture of the app. From there I started to create the wire frames that would give more substance to the application. Business users could update and maintain the application from mobile or desktop environment.


Once I have wire frames and the user flow created I went into prototyping. I created the brand and style guide of the application. The application was going to be a mobile application but the account can be created on a desktop environment. I went into PhotoShop to create the mockups. Started with the guest experience to get the user informed about the application and what it does and then moved to registration process. Keeping the signup steps to 2 would increase the signup process.

Examples of work



Tools Used